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Sniper Ghost Warrior-FULL
Year: 2010

Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Developer: City Interactive
Publisher: City Interactive
Platform: PC
ISO image is 4.22GB
Mounted ISO is 4.03GB
Game install to hard drive is 4.58GB
Game installed on Windows 7 Professional 32bit
1GB links to download at MU and File Serve 

Game Info
Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a first-person tactical shooter that
places the player in the role of a US Marine sniper tasked
with aiding in the liberation of a Latin American island nation
from the oppression of a dictator. Gameplay focuses on
realistic sniper missions, involving stealth, control of breathing
and heartbeat for increased accuracy, bullet trajectory that
takes weather conditions into account and four different
sniper rifles. Additional features include a variety of mission types,
the ability to play as a member of an assault team, 12-shooter
multiplayer support and close combat weapons and explosives.
Authentic sniper combat scenarios.Breathing and heart beat
control for pinpoint accuracy.Close combat weapons, explosives
and assault team member functionality. 4 rifle types and a variety
of terrain.
The Latin American island nation of Isla Trueno suffers under a
tyrannical ruler and as Marine sniper Sgt. Tyler Wells, you have
been sent on a covert mission deep into its jungles to aid the
rebellion, one head shot at a time. Outfitted in a ghillie suit that
renders you virtually invisible in the dense foliage, you must
stalk an enemy whose knowledge of the terrain is superior to
your own. Can you deal crippling blows to the dictatorship as
a top-ranked sniper? Are you tough enough to succeed in a
close quarter battle as a member of a hard charging Delta
Force assault team hell-bent on liberating the oppressed nation?

Game Features
The most realistic sniping experience in a video game ever, right
down to managing your breathing for increased accuracy of sniper
shots. Enjoy a fully realistic ballistic system that accounts for
bullet trajectory, including bullet drop and environmental effects
such as wind, fog and rain. Pull off the perfect headshot and
watch your bullets strike the enemy with pinpoint accuracy in
Bullet Cam Mode. Cooperate with your spotter for a better
performance. An arsenal of explosive weaponry is at your
disposal. Defend your perimeter with Claymore mines, demolish
enemy outposts with C4 charges and make silent kills with
throwing knives.
Four types of sniping rifles: AS50, MSG90, SR25 and SVD Dragunov.
A variety of mission types ranging from sniper vs. sniper
elimination, real-time tactical assault and fixed machine gun
combat. Built on the Chrome engine which immerses players
in lush jungle and detailed industrial environments. Non-linear
gameplay allows players to decide how they wish to approach
a situation. Challenges may be completed in several different
sequences, giving players the freedom to explore.
Multiplayer mode option supporting up to 12 players.

Minimum System Requirement
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 @ 3.2 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 3500+
Memory: 1 Gb
Hard Drive: 6 Gb free
Video Memory: 256 Mb
Video Card: nVidia Geforce 6800 / ATI Radeon X1650
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c
DVD Rom Drive 


1GB links-5 Links 4.22GB ISO
5% Winrar Recovery Record added to fix corrupt downloads.
Languages: English 

Note: Pls install and extract the file with the latest Winrar, included in the the file with the text file containing the actual download links. Thank you so much! -Immel
File name: Sniper_GwLink.rar
File size:5.06 MB

Sniper Art of Victory-2008
Language: English,
1 MU link, 1 Download
FULL retail version 

Game Info
WW II was a theatre of war for many specialized combat units,
working together to ensure an army’s victory. Among them a
unique role was played by hidden and deadly marksmen. Their
ability to lay motionless waiting for the perfect shot together
with their professional equipment allowed them to change the
course of the history with one pull of a trigger.

Become a sharpshooter and take part in the turning points of
the WW II. Eliminate the Nazi general, who came to support the
Germans lying siege to Stalingrad. Make your way through areas
occupied by the Third Reich to your unit. Aid the Alliance forces
during their offensive on the Italian Peninsula to break the
resistance of the retreating Wehrmacht forces

Game Features
Game features:

* Advanced balistic system utilizing wind and gravity.
* Realistic sniper rifles: Mosin-Nagant PU and Mauser 98KS
* Unique sniper weapons' shooting system, which takes into
account the shooter's condition (breathing, concentration).

Minimum System Requirement
- Processor 1,6GHz CPU,
- 512MB RAM,
- Win 98/2000/XP,
- Ati Radeon 8500 or GeForce4 with 128MB RAM - DirectX
compatible sound card
- 3GB Free Hard Drive Space 


1 download = 670MB
Languages: English  
Note: Pls install and extract the file with the latest Winrar, included in the the file with the text file containing the actual download links. Thank you so much! -Immel
File name: sa_vlink.rar
File size:5.06 MB

Sniper Art of Victory Crack 



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