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Hello everyone! The last version of my "The Witcher" installer was insanely popular due to its small size and convenience. It's pretty much the installer that made the rest of my installers popular. I began making the 1M Edition installers when Warez-bb reached that big 1 Million members mark. That's how my installers got their name.

Amazingly, we're nearly at 2 Million, and it's about time I step up my game with a new version of my installers. I plan on releasing at least THREE test installers within the next week or so. Before, I used two separate programs to make my installers, and for the 2M Editions I now use three. I'm still working out the kinks though and I need you people to tell me what you think.

Mind you, this doesn't have all the bells and whistles yet. Both the installer and the game work fine, but until we reach the 2 Million mark that's all that is included so far. Please tell me if you have any complaints or problems at all. I need to hear them to make sure the official releases are perfect later.

Have fun!


Note: Pls install and extract the file with the latest Winrar, included in the the file with the text file containing the actual download links. Thank you so much! -Immel


File name: twee2m_fs.rar
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