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1000 Best Smart Money Secrets for Students (1000 Best) 
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc ( 2005-08-01 ) | 464 pages | ISBN: 1402205481 | PDF | 6 MB 

Find $ 
Make $ 
Save $ 
Expert Debby Fowles shows you: 
Before College 
-Nine little-known places to look for scholarships 
-13 tips for winning scholarships 
-Maximize your eligibility for financial aid 
-17 secrets to save money on college housing 
At School 
-Creative ways to control entertainment costs 
-12 cash-generating ideas 
-Textbook websites that will save you money 
-The secrets of successful budgeting 
-8 warnings about student loans 
-Get the best jobs on campus 
Avoid graduating from school with a mountain of debt! 



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